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July 22, Rating: March 31, at 9: This was suppose to be a B movie but i think they took themselves too serious. The film pays homage to classic B-Movies and the exploitation era. Bitch slap hot scene. She knows what she needs and knows how to get it. I understand that you were able to put your vocal talents to work in the film. Ron Melendez as Deputy Fuchs. Bitch Slap is one of the worst films that I've seen in the last few years.

Over-the-top -- and ultimately tiresome -- female mud-wrestling, kick-boxing and cat fights in a parody of old exploitation movies. What can you tell me about your character in the film? I was a bit of a crass bitch the weeks following the shoot. Hipster sexy girl. Bitch slap hot scene. The best movie I have seen in a long time.

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What we do get is lots of close-ups on the girls faces showing their expressions for some reasonlots of gunplay and gun sounds, lots of desert, lots of girly sexual innuendos, plenty of lesbian action and I mean plentyand a shittonne of tacky CGI and ultra tacky greenscreen effects.

When Manning assigns Glee Savage, the newspaper's society reporter, to cover Reece's new home, the subsequent meeting between the two does not end well: We worked a lot on green screen, which meant a lot of work with imaginary yo-yos and motorcycle stunts that would be impossible to manage in real life. Blowjob blonde pics. However the film does look cool, unfortunately that's not even enough to save this dreadful wreck of a film.

Already have an account? It was such a wonderful way to grow up. Bitch slap hot scene. I nailed myself with just about every weapon I picked up. July 22, Rating: They made an amazing team! The film pays homage to classic B-Movies and the exploitation era. It blew my expectations. Camero leaves Hel in chains while she attempts to drive away with the diamonds; however, Hel quickly uses the super-machine gun to free herself, and fires a rocket that destroys the car Camero was driving.

Top Models Webcam Models Wanted. An instant cult classic is about to erupt onto the silver screen.

Work hard and take criticisms as a positive, not a negative, learn from it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vanessa hudgens pictures leaked. She admits her best sex ever was with a circus contortionist , although she did not even know the contortionist's name. Like an issue of Maxim that flips its own pages, but keeps stopping to read the articles. HotForWords - Bitch Slap!

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The great thing about this film is that it features such a strong female cast. Sunaina hot videos. March 31, at 9: I mean look at that title, it speaks volumes about what your about to head into, you literally can't fail to understand what you should expect from something called this. Last seen in Hot Spot , Mark, owner of a family newspaper concern in small-town Wisconsin, is preparing for a business merger with a local paper company. I hear that there was a lot of great documentary-style, behind the scenes footage shot during the making of the movie. At one point our nearest neighbor was 2 miles away. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. I was achy and exhausted by the end of watching it! Log in with Facebook. Recommending a horror double feature every day.

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